P R O J E C T:D A R K  A G E

Nobody is living alone. The reason of an existence decided by the circumstance surround it.It also applies to the music of the GazettE.

Their sound is obviously the creation of the GazettE. But they are not alone on a process of their sound production. the GazettE products are touched by specialists who help to make the GazettE`s deep view of the world to more real and to appeals to your senses.

『DOGMA』with a little too abstract title, a fateful album, has involved by 18 creators. the GazettE words never reach to the readers until written by the writers, or a picture also never be materialized by just a photographer and an object. 『DOGMA』never completes without creators. All creators who surround the GazettE teamed up for 『DOGMA』to have a sense of accomplishment and share the feeling with the others. 『DOGMA』is a place of these creator`s expression.

[PROJECT:DARKAGE] is the team by those creators. And also the movement of it`s process to spread 『DOGMA』to world.The magic touched by the specialist`s characters, it happens by sessions. This magic is to be shared with you who see this movement with own eyes. The most important thing is that you can be a part of this project.

the GazettE more trusts an eternal possibility in 13 years of their career because they have being felt the chemistry by themselves with other professionals from different fields. They hope that the pleasure of a work of creations will spreads widely to the world. And trust that you receive their feeling and joys from each of their moves.

T H E  B E G I N N I N G  O F  O M I N O U S  Y E A R

On Mar.10th, the GazettE just took a new turn by presenting their new main concept named “THE BEGINNING OF OMINOUS YEAR”.
The symbolic mark has shaped by 13 straight lines.
What is hidden behind words “00 : OVERTURE” to ”THE FINALE” which reminds symphonic movement?

Their 8th NEW ALBUM「DOGMA」 as a core of the concept, a great scenes is waiting to be seen.



N E X T  P A G E